Ottawa's CALLANETICS™ Instructor

About Anne-Marie

Here’s a little something about me and my passion for life…

I’ve always had a passion for dancing and staying fit.  Over the past decade, I’ve noticed how a physically active life leads to benefits that go beyond physical well-being.  If I don’t move or haven’t exercised for more than three days, I don’t feel great.  My energy level goes down, I feel lazy, and my mind lacks clarity.  I hate going to the gym, the interaction with machines is not for me (I’m even starting to wonder if anyone really enjoys this). So, I’ve always been looking for exercise such as dancing, and yoga which combine mind-body workout… leaving me energized, relaxed and empowered.

After having my first child, I discovered the CALLANETICS™ Exercise Method, which has been instrumental in getting me back to my pre-pregnancy body – well, almost…  it’s different than it was but I’m happy with my new body… which is the essential part.

Convinced by the effectiveness of the CALLANETICS™Exercise method, I decided to become a Certified CALLANETICS™ Teacher – the only one in Ottawa. At this time, I am only teaching one class a week. As interest in my classes grows, I’ll start expanding my offering. There is definitely benefits to doing CALLANETICS™ several times a week.


Throughout my life, I’ve met individual who radiate and bring light to any room they walk in. These individuals usually have great posture, glowing skin, and a lovely calm and energizing presence.  In my words, they are illuminating!  And, they always seem to have a positive impact on their surroundings. As I discover the ingredients that lead to this, I am hoping to pass on this knowledge through this website and in my classes. But seriously, if you are just looking for a great effective workout, you’ll get just that !  Over time, you’ll just feel better as you experience the benefits of the CALLANETICS™ Exercise method.