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About the CALLANETICS™ Method

About The CALLANETICS™ Exercise Method

Callan Pinckney started an exercise revolution in the 1980’s with her introduction of The CALLANETICS™ Exercise Method. This very personalized and unique form of exercise utilizes precise positioning to isolate specific muscle groups and then by using tiny yet powerful movements which cause the muscles to work even deeper requiring more muscle fibers to be recruited. More muscle fibers recruited means quicker toning and results you can feel in one hour and see in as little as two! Each muscle group is warmed, worked and then stretched to ensure total body health increasing strength, flexibility and endurance.

Who Can Do The CALLANETICS™ Exercise Method?

Anyone can do these exercises. Even people who consider themselves extremely uncoordinated gain control of their bodies. According to CALLANETICS™ Founder, Callan Pinckney, “Every person that has done he CALLANETICS™ Exercise Method, regardless of his or her age or condition, who has the determination to have a strong, fit, beautiful body, now has it.”

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